French Terry

French terry fabric is a soft, comfortable fabric made primarily of cotton. While some french terry fabrics are made of 100 percent cotton, the material can also be made from a blend of cotton and a small amount of lycra.  It’s a knit fabric with soft piles of yarn on one side of the fabric and loops on the other, which makes it similar in nature to jersey. Most people will recognize french terry fabric from the material used in sweatshirts, which is soft on the inside where your body touches the material and smoother and soft on the outside. Using this type of knit creates the soft, comfortable, plus texture that you’ve come to expect from loungewear basics like joggers and cozy sweatshirts. French terry fabric is considered a midweight fabric, which means that it is heavier than the cotton you’d find in an average t-shirt, but lighter than fabrics that would be used to make sweatpants designed for cold weather use. French terry fabric is moderately absorbent and comfortable to wear, and although it is moisture-wicking in the sense that it will absorb sweat from your body, the fabric is not as moisture-wicking as other fabrics that are designed for use during performance or exercise. The fabric is highly versatile and can keep you cool in warmer weather or warm in cooler weather.